Managing a large company is challenging. It is not possible to provide individualized attention for every employee. One of the keys to success is make the rounds several times a day. You can check on the progress of current projects, provide important updates and just talk. It is important to learn about the employees’ families, pets and vacation plans. This establishes an important bond and lets the employees know you care. The employees will offer updates. Many employees will not make you aware of any issues or concerns without these updates.

Once you become familiar with the employees the chance of them reaching out to you increases. This communication is essential, helps with making decisions and provides insights for management discussions. It is critical not to micro manage employees or send out updates through email. Have one on ones with your employees whenever possible to ensure the employees feel valued.

Delegation is necessary to properly manage any large company. Everything from meetings to tasks can be delegated. Management requires a lot of time and hard work. When you delegate you clear your schedule enough to enable you to meet with your teams, train them and provide the boss with updates. The employees will not feel comfortable coming to you if you are always in a meeting or on the phone. If you do not believe the employees can do the work properly you are short changing them. Extra assignments provide an opportunity to learn new skills and achieve positive recognition.

Your team needs to learn how to make and act on good decisions. This will empower the employees. You will be aware of everything happening if you openly communicate with your team. If an employee makes a bad decision you will have enough time to correct the mistake. Employees are happier and empowered when they have input and control over their time at work. They may have excellent suggestions including organizational goals and necessary implementations. Your employees need to know their input is valued and they are trusted. You should ask for their input every day.

Most managers have employees at several different levels. A mentoring program is invaluable for junior employees. This program enables the mentor to teach and train another employee. This will ensure the employee comes up to speed. The mentor will eventually be able to shift some of their work ensuring they are not being seriously overworked. This also provides an opportunity for a senior employee to step into a leadership role that may result in a position in management. The feedback from the mentor will improve the team. The mentor should treat the employee as a mentee and never as a subordinate.

Managing a large company means it is important to rotate employees to different areas of the business. This will ensure if an employee is on vacation, sick or no longer with the company there will be someone familiar with the necessary work. This will teach employees new skills and provide a more balanced team. Opportunities for growth alleviate boredom. Employees should be rotated approximately twice a year.

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