Contrary to the thinking of many new credit card users, utilizing a single credit card for daily purchases is a good idea. Credit cards are a safe convenient means of utilizing one’s resources. Additionally, they have many different real, beneficial rewards packages today, and for responsible users, every time they utilize a credit card, their credit improves incrementally. However, there are a few pointers that serve to keep the relationship between the user, the credit card company, and the user’s good credit score on this beneficial footing.

Method 1

One of the most understated methods by which credit card users can reap its benefits is by utilizing balance alerts. This makes being vigilant with one’s finances so easy that it is incumbent on the user to always utilize this system. These balance alerts are available through text and email, and they also are able to be set to whatever metrics a client designates. Some alerts can even be set to signal when a certain credit utilization ratio reaches certain thresholds. This allows credit card users to make payments before the lack of payment causes a rise in credit utilization, and this is the point at which the credit score of the credit card user is negatively impacted.

Method 2

Another underused method by which a credit card user’s credit can be guarded is by utilizing a spending analysis tool. This is designed to keep users within their spending budgets by providing a breakdown of spending habits situated into common categories. Commonly, these categories include spending areas like restaurants or general merchandise, and this information is often provided on a basis that covers monthly spending. This allows users to adjust accordingly and is often very revealing in one’s spending habits, so adjustments are easier to make. Credit card users should seek out this tool when they log into their card’s online banking dashboard for helpful insight into a person’s budget and areas of possible concern before it is an issue.

Method 3

A mid-cycle payments is an often unused method by which a credit card user can use to improve their credit score because credit card companies report user’s account status to the three major credit reporting agencies monthly including balances. These standing balances are used to garner a credit utilization ratio, but often this information is not sent directly after a payment is made, and it could be done any time in the billing cycle, so it could be weeks depending on when the payment was actually made and received. By making a mid-cycle payment, a user’s credit utilization ratio remains low positively affecting the credit v rating of the user. This is especially true for those that charge large amounts monthly, and these people may consider even more frequent payments.

Some more tips: