Applying for a tax ID in Ohio takes only a few minutes to do online. Something that seems to surprise a lot of people when they begin the application process.

You can choose one of two ways to do it. Either via the Ohio Department of Taxation’s website, or via a private company. Both options get you the same result — an Ohio tax ID. The only difference is one is free but a little more complicated. The other costs a small amount, but is easier to complete.

Applying for a tax ID in Ohio with the government — Both ways of applying for a tax ID, of course, end up at the Ohio Department of Taxation. The first is done directly, while the second is done off site and then forwarded to them.

The government way of applying for a tax ID is free but, as with all government-run websites, could be simpler than it is. This alone is why some people decide to go with the private option.

If you do stick with the government application form, expect it to take you around 15 minutes to complete and submit. For this option, you will not need a credit card or PayPal account.

Applying for a tax ID in Ohio via a company — With several independent companies offering applications for tax IDs, this is an easy option too. Especially as they simplify the process somewhat.

All you need to do this is to choose a company to use, and choose the type of entity you will need an ID number for from the options on their site. Answer the general questions they ask, complete the information about the longevity of your business if you are applying for a business tax ID, and that is all you need to do.

Pay the small fee they ask, and your tax ID will be submitted for approval.