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Should you have a business card designed for your company?

If you do not currently have business cards designed for your company, you may be wondering if it is worth spending money on having some new ones designed. After all, business cards are going out of fashion, aren’t they?

In fact, this is not true at all, as business cards are still very popular with those that understand what an advantage they can be. To any business.

These are just a few of the benefits having well designed business cards can give you.

You stand out — If you have a high quality, well designed business card, you will stand out from those that either do not have one or have one that has been badly designed.

Make sure you pay for a qualified designer to design your cards. Then have them printed on heavy cardstock, in high quality ink, and have a memorable and interesting design. Include all your contact information and a little blurb about your company, and all of these things together will really make you stand out.

A good advertising tool — Even though business cards have been being used for over a hundred years, so many people still do not really think of them as an advertising tool.

In fact, a good business card that is well designed can often get you more attention than paying for a billboard ad or a TV spot.

That is because you cannot only hand out business cards to advertise your company and what you do, you can enclose them in every piece of mail you send. You can fix them to notice boards in cafes, supermarkets, libraries and universities. You can use them as a mini advertisement and slip them into magazines connected to your company.

When you also factor in you only pay pennies per card, this is one of the cheapest forms of advertising as well.

Business cards make you look legitimate — You would think that in this age of mobile electronics, having business cards would make you and your business seem to be out of touch. In fact, the opposite is true.

In most cases, not only does someone with a business card seem even more business-like, many people that have them and use them are felt to be more legitimate. That is because investing money in business cards lets people know you are serious about what you do.

With this in mind, a well-designed business card will make you look even more legitimate.

Speed is essential — While many people seem to think giving someone your contact information while standing there as they tap it into their phone is the right way to do things, in many cases it is not.

After all, when you really think about it, it is far slower to have your contact information added to someone’s phone as it is to just hand them a well-designed business card. They will remember you longer too.

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Tips to Quickly Sell Your House

Tips to Quickly Sell Your House

Putting a home on the market can be nerve-racking process. Showing of the house requires it to be presentable at all times, not to mention the hustle of vacating in a moment’s notice. Buyers will be mainly interested in your house the first few weeks it’s in the market and therefore it’s important to sell before your listing grows stale. To quickly sell a home it needs to be well shown, well marketed and correctly priced. This article provides you with a guide that will help you sell your house quickly.

Get your house ready for sale

Buyers today first view houses through photos on the internet and social media. Hiring a professional to stage and photograph your house seems like the best idea. They will look at your house from a buyer’s perspective and know how to draw attention to the strength and mitigate its flaws. When buyers come to view the house, they want to see their future house, so get rid of the cluttered household item. Throw away unwanted items, move some furniture, toys, and books into a storage unit and don’t leave any sexual-related magazines, medicine or guns in the open. Clear up the coats in the hallway and any equipment blocking windows or doorways. Make sure your house is spotlessly clean including bathrooms and kitchen. Tackle all the broken parts of the house and consider freshening up the interior decor to make your house look warm and welcoming. The external areas of the house should be kept neat.

How to market and sell your house

The first step is to put together all the paperwork needed to sell a house such as title deeds, a certificate for structural building work competed and planning consent. You can also start the conveyance process immediately. This is the legal transfer of property from one person to another. If you are missing any of the paperwork apply for it in advance. Ask around, Google and get professional opinion on the best time to sell your house. Traditionally spring is the best time to sell a house as buyers are competing for properties and families often try to buy properties to coincide with the end of a school year. Look around the neighborhood and find out if there are any consented developments that would help boost properties prices such as the construction of roads, schools or mobile phone masts. However, it is vital to avoid selling while these constructions are ongoing.

Contact several local estate agents to give their opinion on the value of your house in the current market. Look for a good and affordable real estate agent with experience to sell properties such as yours. A good real estate agent will showcase your home as widely as possible including on the internet’s most popular sites. If you cannot afford one, show the house yourself. Gather as much information about prospective buyers as possible. Try showing the best rooms first and avoid pointing out any potential problems of the property.

Weigh and accept the best offer. At this stage, the solicitor will push the conveyance process forward and upon completion, you will receive the full sum of money from the buyer and hand over the keys to the new house owner. This is what you need to keep in mind for a quick house sale.

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Settlement Risk and How to Mitigate Against It

What is settlement risk?

Settlement risk is a type of risk that results from a breach of an agreement where one party fails to deliver according to the terms and conditions of a contract to the other party at the time of settlement. Settlement risk in simple term is the likelihood that your counter party will not pay you thus can lead to major risk.

Settlement risk was a common problem in the forex trade market where many traders were swindled of their cash from counter party agents who in most cases would not honor the initial contract agreement. It led to the establishment of a CLS continuously linked settlement facilitated by CLS Bank International that intervened to ensure it eliminates time differences in settlement creating a safer environment for trading in the forex market.

Settlement risk is commonly referred to as Herstatt risk. The name originated from a German bank called Herstatt which formed the basis of a case study in settlement risks. On June 26, 1974, Herstatt bank took its foreign currency receipts in Europe and had not made any U.S dollar payments by the time they received the news that the German banking regulators had revoked their license. The bank could not transact further and was forced to close its operation leaving counter parties with substantial losses.

How to Mitigate Settlement Risk

Delivery versus payment method

Settlement risk can result in huge losses thus it is important to come up with a settlement risk solution that can help minimize the risk of loss. One such method of mitigating against settlement risk is through the Delivery versus payment method also known as DvP. It is a common way of settlement for securities where for a delivery of one security to take place then the corresponding security must also be delivered. It’s an action reaction type of method where there is a simultaneous effect of give and take; there is no wait time. It is done to avoid settlement risk which may occur after one party fails to deliver security and the other party has already delivered the cash and vice versa when settling a security trade.

Central counterparty clearing

The other method through which settlement risk can be minimized is through the use of Central counterparty clearing also known as Central Counterparty, CCP. A central counterparty clearing is a financial institution such as a bank that provides clearing and settlement services for forex trade securities. The central counterparty acts as a link between two parties and helps reduce the risk when one party fails to honor its trade settlement obligations. A CCP does this by netting and offsetting transactions between multiple counterparties. For one to be able to transact through a central counterparty one is required to meet certain requirements such as make collateral deposits, must be credit worthy and must provide guarantors. All this can be used to cover losses in case of any default. The advantages of using a central counterparty to avoid settlement risk is that there is a lot of transparency, reduced processing costs and there is greater certainty in case of any default.

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The Most Important And Effective Tips For Anyone Managing A Large Company

Managing a large company is challenging. It is not possible to provide individualized attention for every employee. One of the keys to success is make the rounds several times a day. You can check on the progress of current projects, provide important updates and just talk. It is important to learn about the employees’ families, pets and vacation plans. This establishes an important bond and lets the employees know you care. The employees will offer updates. Many employees will not make you aware of any issues or concerns without these updates.

Once you become familiar with the employees the chance of them reaching out to you increases. This communication is essential, helps with making decisions and provides insights for management discussions. It is critical not to micro manage employees or send out updates through email. Have one on ones with your employees whenever possible to ensure the employees feel valued.

Delegation is necessary to properly manage any large company. Everything from meetings to tasks can be delegated. Management requires a lot of time and hard work. When you delegate you clear your schedule enough to enable you to meet with your teams, train them and provide the boss with updates. The employees will not feel comfortable coming to you if you are always in a meeting or on the phone. If you do not believe the employees can do the work properly you are short changing them. Extra assignments provide an opportunity to learn new skills and achieve positive recognition.

Your team needs to learn how to make and act on good decisions. This will empower the employees. You will be aware of everything happening if you openly communicate with your team. If an employee makes a bad decision you will have enough time to correct the mistake. Employees are happier and empowered when they have input and control over their time at work. They may have excellent suggestions including organizational goals and necessary implementations. Your employees need to know their input is valued and they are trusted. You should ask for their input every day.

Most managers have employees at several different levels. A mentoring program is invaluable for junior employees. This program enables the mentor to teach and train another employee. This will ensure the employee comes up to speed. The mentor will eventually be able to shift some of their work ensuring they are not being seriously overworked. This also provides an opportunity for a senior employee to step into a leadership role that may result in a position in management. The feedback from the mentor will improve the team. The mentor should treat the employee as a mentee and never as a subordinate.

Managing a large company means it is important to rotate employees to different areas of the business. This will ensure if an employee is on vacation, sick or no longer with the company there will be someone familiar with the necessary work. This will teach employees new skills and provide a more balanced team. Opportunities for growth alleviate boredom. Employees should be rotated approximately twice a year.

For more practical advice and insight into managing a company, check out https://specialreports.theaustralian.com.au/588028/Lowy-on-a-high/.

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What are the Best Personal Loans in 2018

Unsecured personal loans are a great alternative to credit cards for making large purchases such as a car, putting the down payment on a house or even consolidating your current debt.

Here are the best personal loan options for 2018.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer-To-Peer Lending is a revolutionary lending style where your average Joe can invest small amounts of money ($5-$100) into larger loans. This allows the investor to distribute risk between multiple loans. The investee on the other hand, gets an interest rate assigned to them based on their credit score, job and other factors. This is a great way to get money for whatever you want or need while other average Joe’s can earn interest for lending to you instead a bank.


Prosper is one option for peer-to-peer personal loans. At Prosper the amount you request is fulfilled by other people just like you in increments of $25, which lessens the risk for everyone involved. At Prosper you can get up to $35,000 and the interest rate can be as low as 6% for a five year loan.

Lending Club

Lending Club is another peer-to-peer lending platform, albeit harder to get approved to use. They offer up to $40,000 for a three or five year loan also starting at 6%. The downside to using Lending Club is that there is an origination fee that you pay back with interest.

Investor Lending

Much like Peer-to-Peer lending, investor lending goes through a person rather than an institution. This means that you can get money without disclosing what it’s for and you can also often get lower interest rates.


SoFi is option for those with good credit. They use investors instead of “peers” to lend you larger chunks of money which means you can get some amazing interest rates as low as 5% APR. Their maximum loan period is seven years and you can get up to $100,000 with no origination fees.

Verified Lending Partners

Verified lending partners are typically banks or institutions that lend money to a third party company who distributes it accordingly. See this page for more information: https://financedistrict.co.nz/loans/personal-loans-no-bad-credit-check/


Payoff is a financial wellness company that uses verified lending partners, which include banks and credit unions to acquire the money to consolidate your debt. Payoff’s service is specifically for paying off credit card debt. The idea is that you consolidate your credit payments into one fairly low interest loan and pay it off over a period of two to five years. They finance up to $35,000 with interest rates starting at 8%.

Traditional Bank Loans

Using the traditional method of bank-originated loans has its benefits as well as its disadvantages. One advantage is that banks are often able to provide larger loans for smaller interest rates. One such loan is that by Lightstream.


LIghtstream is a division of SunTrust bank and they offer personal loans for pretty much everything. Lightstream requires excellent credit, but if you have excellent credit they offer some of the lowest interest rates starting at 2.49%. With Lightstream you can get up to $100,000 with a maximum loan period of seven years.

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Surety bonds: Why are they used by construction companies

If you are in the process of choosing a construction company for a project you will soon be having built, you may have been told to only hire one that has a surety bond for your job.

If you do not know much about surety bonds, however, that can be confusing. After all, why does a construction company need a bond, and how does it help you with your construction job?

Here are a few facts to help you decide if the construction company you hire should have a surety bond, or if you can get your project completed without one.

What is a surety bond? — It is a guarantee that is purchased by the construction firm from an insurance company. Once purchased, the insurance company then assures you, the client, that your job will be completed in the time frame needed and on budget.

That means, if the construction firm goes bankrupt, is unable to finish your job or goes a long way over budget, the insurance company will step in and make sure everything is completed to your satisfaction.

Why do you need a surety bond? — Thousands of construction companies go bankrupt every year, and many go bankrupt while in the middle of construction projects like yours.

If you were to hire a company that does not have a surety bond, and then they go bankrupt, you would lose everything you had paid the company so far. The only way for you to get your money back would be to sue. With many creditors already in line ahead of you, that is often a losing battle.

The guarantees a surety bond gives you — If you hire a construction firm that has already bought a surety bond for your job, this gives you guarantees on two levels.

First, the company has far more incentive to finish the job as, not only did they pay a high premium for a surety bond but the owner of the company probably put up something valuable he owns as an indemnity.

You also have another guarantee as, if the construction firm goes bankrupt or cannot complete the job on budget, the insurance company then pays to make sure you get what you need.

Higher level subcontractors will be available — As most surety bonds also cover the subcontractors as well as you, they do not have to file a mechanics’ lien if a surety bond is in place.

This often means higher qualified contractors from top-ranked firms are more likely to sign onto the job, as there is less chance they will lose money owed to them as well.

What happens if the contractor defaults on your job? — If you do end up hiring a contractor that defaults on your job mid-way through, you should not have any concerns about getting your job completed.

This is due to the insurance company immediately taking over where the construction firm left off, and hiring the right people to finish the job for you.

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The Truth About So-Called Legitimate HYIPs

An HYIP is an abbreviation for a High Yield Investment Program. There are not a lot of legitimate HYIPs, as most of them run on the same type of scam. You may make money in the very beginning, but you could lose it all instantly, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

How do HYIPs Work

High Yield Investment Programs work a lot like a chain letter works. For example, I invest $100 in an HYIP company or program. Amy comes along and invests $50 after I invest my $100. The company will then pay me $150, with $100 coming from my previous investment, and $50 coming from Amy’s investment. Next, Andrew comes along and invests $200, Amy will receive $75, and Andrew will have to wait for another investor to join the company before he sees any return. This is the chain that the whole scheme operates on. A new investor or multiple investors are needed to cover whatever amount the previous investor put in.

How do HYIPs Keep Getting New Investors?

HYIPs work on the assumption that if they can make it sound legitimate while promising significant returns, people will buy in. There are a lot of fake reviews written talking up whichever scheme you choose to invest in. The reviews are usually written by affiliates of the program to make it look legitimate. The more positive reviews an HYIP has, the more reputable it sounds.

What to Expect

If you can’t resist investing in an HYIP program, learn not to expect anything in return. You may receive a return initially, most of these schemes collapse between six and eighteen months. If they collapse while you have money invested, your money will be gone. There have been reports of some investors being banned or blocked from receiving any of their returns after their initial investment in the HYIP.

Why do People Invest in HYIPs?

There are two main reasons people invest in these schemes, and they are greed and innocence. Many people dream of a quick payday with minimal effort. This system seems like a perfect way to obtain it. These people invest huge amounts of money very early on in the program and pull their money before the program gets well-known. This may pay them large sums of money quickly, but it is a huge risk to anyone who attempts this. The second set of people who invest in this program are entirely innocent and believe this program is legitimate. They invest their money solely on whatever information is written on the scheme’s website with very little additional research.

How do You Tell if an HYIP is Legitimate?

You should check the company address listed on the site. You can use Google maps to see if it exists. If the address exists but is located in a multi-company building, email one of the other companies and see if the HYIP office is there. Also, avoid any HYIP that promises daily return rates with short-term payout options. Use legit monitoring sites like HYIP, to keep track of legit programs.

HYIPs should mostly be avoided as they are almost a guaranteed way for you to lose your hard earned money – unless you know what you’re doing. There is a massive risk with very little payoff reward.

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What Is Forhttp://festnatal.com/?p=931&preview=trueex Pro Gold?

Forex Pro Gold is one of the finest trading systems in the world, and it may be used to invest in currencies around the world. Someone who is investing in gold for the first time will be quite impressed with this system because they may speculate easily at any time, or they may move into other currencies that are equally-easy to use. This article explains how the Forex Pro Gold system may be used at any time, and it shows how someone may use the system to make money.

#1: Currency Profits Are High

Currency profit are quite high because people who are investing in currency will save quite a lot of money when they make the proper investments. Each investment will help the customer trade in a currency that is on the rise, or people may bet against a currency that is falling. There are many different people who are using currency to invest because it is known to be stable. Currency is easy to invest in, and it is imparted by the world events that are changing the way currency is traded.

#2: The Currencies Are Easy To Trade

Forex Pro Gold is easy to use because it helps people ensure that they may research their investments. They may look into many different currencies that will help them save money, and they will start looking over the ways these currencies fluctuate. The fluctuation in the market will continue because the markets are traded on at all times. The customer who is on the site will research their currencies, make their trades and invest in many different things as they like.

#3: Cashing Out

Cashing out on the site is simple because it creates an account that holds money for the client. Clients are trading often for profit because they want to have money to withdraw from their account at any time. They may derive their income from this money, and they will find it quite easy to use the site to make money every day. The money that is made on the site could represent a better career, or it could be a retirement fund. The retirement fund may be cashed out at any time, and the customer will watch it grow every day because they know that it works properly.

#4: Choosing Currencies

Choosing the proper currency to invest in is simple, and there are many different people who are researching every day before they make their investments. They will know the currencies they are supposed to use to make money, and they will save quite a lot of money that is useful for them to reinvest. The money that is saved may be used for the future, or it may become the week’s paycheck.

Everyone who wishes to use Forex Pro Gold must ensure that they have learned about the currency trading market. They will learn how to make money for the future, and they will learn how to trade inc urgency for high profits today.

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How to use your credit card : Three methods!

Contrary to the thinking of many new credit card users, utilizing a single credit card for daily purchases is a good idea. Credit cards are a safe convenient means of utilizing one’s resources. Additionally, they have many different real, beneficial rewards packages today, and for responsible users, every time they utilize a credit card, their credit improves incrementally. However, there are a few pointers that serve to keep the relationship between the user, the credit card company, and the user’s good credit score on this beneficial footing.

Method 1

One of the most understated methods by which credit card users can reap its benefits is by utilizing balance alerts. This makes being vigilant with one’s finances so easy that it is incumbent on the user to always utilize this system. These balance alerts are available through text and email, and they also are able to be set to whatever metrics a client designates. Some alerts can even be set to signal when a certain credit utilization ratio reaches certain thresholds. This allows credit card users to make payments before the lack of payment causes a rise in credit utilization, and this is the point at which the credit score of the credit card user is negatively impacted.

Method 2

Another underused method by which a credit card user’s credit can be guarded is by utilizing a spending analysis tool. This is designed to keep users within their spending budgets by providing a breakdown of spending habits situated into common categories. Commonly, these categories include spending areas like restaurants or general merchandise, and this information is often provided on a basis that covers monthly spending. This allows users to adjust accordingly and is often very revealing in one’s spending habits, so adjustments are easier to make. Credit card users should seek out this tool when they log into their card’s online banking dashboard for helpful insight into a person’s budget and areas of possible concern before it is an issue.

Method 3

A mid-cycle payments is an often unused method by which a credit card user can use to improve their credit score because credit card companies report user’s account status to the three major credit reporting agencies monthly including balances. These standing balances are used to garner a credit utilization ratio, but often this information is not sent directly after a payment is made, and it could be done any time in the billing cycle, so it could be weeks depending on when the payment was actually made and received. By making a mid-cycle payment, a user’s credit utilization ratio remains low positively affecting the credit v rating of the user. This is especially true for those that charge large amounts monthly, and these people may consider even more frequent payments.

Some more tips:

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Tips on How to Find the Right Finance Company for Your Business

All capitalists and entrepreneurs need financial capital for their businesses to grow. The right funding is essentially important for every company. In a recent survey, raising capital or funding found to be the major concern of most of the business owners. If unluckily, an enterprise selects an off beam financial partner, it will likely to dim the enthusiasm and spirit of the new company that will muffle the sparkle that once stimulated the entrepreneur to launch his project. The sparkle here is one that probably makes one’s business enterprise different from their competitors. We are sharing here some of the best tips to recover that sparkle and find the right finance company for your business.

See the Reputation of the Company

The first thing to be seen in any finance providing company is their reputation in the market. You must be known about their track-record in the field. What investments they have made in the past and how those investments turned out to be? These things will give you the know-how about company’s repute and help you to choose a potential financial colleague.

See the Area of Focus of the Company

company-searchYou have to take the interest of financial company into account before you make any partnership with them. You will have to consider their likes and dislikes with regards to your products and services as they are going to provide financial capital for your company in the future. You should also make it clear in the beginning that how much engrossed would you like your investor company to be in your business? You have to make such things clear before you make the partnership with the company.

See What Typically the Company Provides in Investment

You have to ask the company what typically they provide to the companies they invest in? What are their expectations from you? How they want a CEO to be like? How engrossed they would like to get in your company? You have to see all the terms and conditions of the company that is going to provide you with financial capital. These are all essential questions you should ask the finance company to seek a potential investment partner.

Have a Lucid Business Plan

You should have an understandable, clear, and comprehensible business plan in order to attract a potential investment company that shares your idea and vision. Make sure to take in realistic financials in addition to market research for backing your predictions. You have to make a plan of how you will be able to generate revenue and how it will pour into your financial partner’s pocket?

While raising capital and finances, you might think of accepting any money and resources coming from any ways and means. This concept is all wrong. The investor-capitalist relationship is very crucial and decisive. Like all other relationships, the wrong relationship is likely to drag you in the mistaken direction, while the right relationship will lead your company where you want to take it, more efficiently, faster, and as the component of the winning team.

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Business as an Investment

Essential questions for investors and financiers are what and where to pay attention while making investments? What makes a firm most attention-grabbing among all firms? Investors should pay heed to determine what firms are worth to be focused on. After having experienced in the craft, I have come up with a preliminary framework – that tells an investor the essential things to look at when investing in a company.

Gross Margin

Gross margin tells you about the difference between revenue (profit) and cost of the product or service in percentage. This is crucial to be known because it allows the investor to invest in other areas required to take the product or service in the market, for instance, distribution and marketing of the product. The company with high gross margin is advised to prefer for investment.

Brand Strength

Always look at the uniqueness of the brand the company is offering. For example, it is better to invest in companies that make eco-friendly products because their popularity is on increase nowadays. Third-party reports and data, acquired media presence, and customer surveys are good means to evaluate the brand strength.

Chief Executive Officer

When you are investing in some company, you are going to empower its CEO. It is advised to make choice for a competent, diligent, wise, passionate, inventive, and understandable CEO. There is not any universal formula to evaluate someone but being the investor you should spend some time with CEO and ask questions to know if he understands his business well and has the passion for his products and services?

Exit Prospects

Many companies start businesses not for them but for the strategic acquirers to whom they sell their businesses later on. Before investment, you should know whether the company you are going to invest in, is interested in selling their business to some strategic acquirers or not. If they are interested in auctioning their business, you have to do some further investigations such as who are those likely “strategics”, what their acquirement strategies are, and how this business is going to be attractive to the strategic acquirers?

Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue means the part of the profit that is expected to be continued in future. It provides a good growing base of profit on which the company will rely whilst concentrating on novel ways for the business to grow. It is vital because the expenditure of attaining a new consumer is approximately six times more than the expenditure of maintaining an existing consumer.

All these points are not inclusive but they should be considered before making an investment as a business as to avoid any tragedies and mishaps in the future.

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